Liquid Biopsy Myths Dispelled

The Top 4 Liquid Biopsy Myths It is now possible to map the genomic makeup of a cancer tumor and identify personalized treatment options with just a simple blood test. Known as “liquid biopsies,” this new breed of testing decreases the need for tumor tissue biopsies that are costly, risky, and painful. It opens a […]

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Time to Treatment: Guardant360 vs. The Field

In the world of advanced, metastatic cancer, time to treatment is a critical issue. Many advanced, metastatic cancer patients have failed 2‐3 lines of therapies, and time for patients and their families is growing short. Today, there are genomic tests that will sequence a patient’s tumor to identify targeted therapy options based upon the genomic […]

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EGFR Mutation Stratification in First Line Treatment of Lung Adenocarcinoma

In a newly published study in The Lancet Oncology Journal, James Yang examined overall survival of EGFR mutation positive patients in lung adenocarcinoma given first-line afatinib or cisplatin-based chemotherapy.1 Although no improvement in overall survival was seen in the overall population, stratification by EGFR mutation type revealed that those with EGFR deletions in exon 19 […]

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