Chintan Patel

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Why I joined 

I connected with Guardant’s mission and could sense right away that I’d be happy working with — and learning from — this amazing pool of talented people.

What drives me

Guardant is at the cross-section of technology and biology. The team brings many different skillsets from different industries, but we all work in sync to achieve a common goal.

How Guardant’s different

Your team enables you to do what you want and explore interests. I find that I’m always learning and implementing new ideas.

Best perk

There’s always food here.

Personal note

I met some folks at Guardant who are into surfing. Even though I had no experience, I decided to join them one day — unfortunately, in January, when the water temperature was in the 50s. Picking up surfing isn’t easy, but I’m learning and I’ve made friends in the process.