Elena Helman, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Bioinformatics

Why I joined

I’ve always been passionate about cancer genomics and how molecular profiling can guide patients to the right therapies. Non-invasive biopsies enable longitudinal monitoring, so I was excited to learn that Guardant Health was leading the field with its technologies. I also wanted to work with people who are extremely knowledgeable and equally excited about this mission, and to do so at a company where I could learn and grow in new directions.

What drives me

As a data scientist and cancer researcher, I’m excited by the richness of our vast database of cfDNA samples and the opportunity I have to mine this to make novel discoveries at the cutting edge of translational cancer biology. Every day, I come to Guardant inspired to work on products that will have an impact on patient care.

How Guardant’s different

The energy and speed! Everyone here works hard and is passionate about what they’re doing. Despite how busy everyone is, they still find time to help you with your questions and bake cookies for your birthday.

Best perk

Free lunch and weekly massage.

Personal note

When I recently returned from my honeymoon to New Zealand and Tahiti, my desk was covered in flower leis and pictures of sheep with personal notes and jokes from my colleagues. I actually missed everyone while I was away and was excited to be back at work.