Michael Peltier

Software Product Engineer

Why I joined 

I think it’s important to work for a company that’s making a positive contribution to the world. Not only is Guardant doing that, but it’s doing it with really cool technology. That’s what got me interested, but when I went through the interview process and met the people I’d be working with, I knew I wanted to work here.

What drives me

I get to interface across many different groups within the company, so I am exposed to the many people and technologies that go into each of our products.

How Guardant’s different

Although Guardant is growing really fast, there’s still that exciting feeling of getting something impactful off the ground. We’ve discovered something great and we’re trying to share it with the world.

Favorite perk

I get to work on great products with really smart people. (The lunches are pretty darn good, too!)

Personal note

I’m on track to beat my record for number of miles biked within a year. If I can maintain my pace, I may make it to 7,000 miles for the year. Guardant is welcoming for bike commuters, which helps a lot.