Swameka Martin-Holland

Senior Manager, Reimbursement Operations

Why I joined

I’ve always been drawn to startups because I love building teams. When I started working at Guardant, there were just two of us in Reimbursement Operations. Today, we have more than 20 people and are still growing.

What drives me

Working with a phenomenal team of individuals who prioritize transparency and make everyone feel like they belong.

How Guardant’s different

Our office culture is all about creativity and collaboration. Guardant’s employees come from all different backgrounds, which contributes to our unique and open office culture.

Best perk

My team. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from various healthcare platforms, including experts in different insurance carriers, colleagues with great analytical skills who can figure out how to automate processes, and a wonderful group of individuals who are the life of the party — they come in and instantly improve the morale in a room.

Personal note

I’m a dog lover and so is everyone on my team. It’s one of the things we have in common — we all know each other’s pets’ names.