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Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology company dedicated to helping conquer cancer through our proprietary blood tests, vast data sets, and advanced analytics.

Cancer is data starved. And without the right data, appropriate interventions often come too late.

To select the best treatment, doctors and patients must have access to detailed genomic information about the disease. But this information is not easy to get. Traditional tissue biopsies require physical access to tumor tissue and come with serious risks for some patients. And for many patients, they aren’t even an option. In addition, they do little to help detect cancer early, when patients have the best chance at successful treatment.

We believe the key to conquering cancer is unprecedented access to its molecular information throughout all stages of the disease. We are developing a solution through tests that require only a blood sample.

Today, Guardant’s blood tests are enabling timely therapy selection for patients with cancer while we also advance programs for recurrence detection and early cancer detection. In addition, we are working together with pharmaceutical companies to discover and understand new treatment approaches that lead to better outcomes for patients.


Michael Bell

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Eagle, MD

Chief Medical Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Information Officer

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Senior Vice President, Operations

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Senior Vice President, Technology

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Senior Vice President, Commercial Screening

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Senior Vice President, People

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Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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Vice President, Sales